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NEW - Available Soon - Online Project Management Certificate Program! 

This self-paced 54-hour fully online certificate program is designed to provide you with the practical insights and skills you need to deliver projects on time and within budget. The courses offer practical project management tools and techniques for those who are relatively new to project management.

For more information about this course contact: Osmar Padilla at 225-578-2621. 

The secret to career success

The right job doesn’t come along every day. When it does, your preparation matters most. LSU Certificate Programs ladder your skills quickly without the need for course credits or degrees. Whether you need a single course or an entire certificate, we build your résumé for the day your talents truly need to shine.

We take great care to combine the knowledge employers expect with electives that impress them even more. Best of all, we cover many fields, from accounting, management and computer applications to paralegal, purchasing, social media and more.

If you’re looking for a strategic career shift, contact us or register online. We’ll help you find the program or individual class that best prepares you for success.

Select a link below to view specific certificate programs:

Accounting Specialist Certificate Program
Business Communication Certificate Program
Business Project Management Certificate Program
Certificate for Occupational Safety Managers
Desktop Applications Specialist Certificate Program
Graphic Design Certificate Program
Human Resource Management Certificate Program
Management & Leadership Certificate Program
Online Project Management Certificate Program 
Operations Management Certificate Program 
Paralegal Studies Program
Purchasing & Supply Management Certificate Program
SQL Server 2016 Business Intelligence Certificate Program
SQL Server 2016 Database Development Certificate Program