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NEW - Available Soon - Online Project Management Certificate Program! 

This self-paced 54-hour fully online certificate program is designed to provide you with the practical insights and skills you need to deliver projects on time and within budget. The courses offer practical project management tools and techniques for those who are relatively new to project management.

For more information about this course contact: Abigail Theriot at 225-578-2755. 

Our coaching gives you the edge

Have you reached a plateau? Do you want more fulfillment from your work? Wherever you stand, we can enhance your business career with courses designed to make you more effective and more marketable. From financial tools to project management skills, business communications, the secrets of successful supervision and more, we offer strategic courses that give you a competitive edge. We’ll brush you up on the basics, too.

Click the link below to view the current Business & Management course schedule. Workforce Industry Solutions includes a subset of Professional Development courses that are offered to assist organizations with their workforce training needs. 

Business & Management Course Listings

Workforce Industry Solutions