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Management & Leadership Institute

We’re pros at teaching you to lead

Supervisors deserve extraordinary tools to meet the challenges of their jobs. At LSU Professional Development, we’re up to the challenge of equipping you to lead. For more than a half-century, we’ve trained leaders at the best companies in our region, and we’ve captured the very best of that experience in our Management & Leadership Institute. 

Pursue our Management & Leadership Certificate, and you’ll gain valuable tools in finance, learn how to motivate employees, spur organizational performance, understand supply management, communicate with culturally diverse colleagues, improve negotiation skills and more. The five-course certificate gives you a greater ability to manage individual employees as well as your overall business. With four essential courses and a dozen electives, you also may enroll in strategic Management & Leadership courses without signing up for the entire certificate.

Click the link below to view our Management & Leadership courses. 

Management & Leadership Course Listings