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NEW - Available Soon - Online Project Management Certificate Program!

This self-paced 54-hour fully online certificate program is designed to provide you with the practical insights and skills you need to deliver projects on time and within budget. The courses offer practical project management tools and techniques for those who are relatively new to project management.

For more information about this course contact: Osmar Padilla at 225-578-2621. 


Wishing won’t bring you career success, and working long hours will only get you so far. But sharpening your performance with the best tools available — now, that’s preparing for success. LSU Professional Development primes you for career advancement. Our programs supply the knowledge employers want most. We add the latest skills to your arsenal, and we place the best instructors in front of you. In short, we put you on the path to career success and move you forward. The first step is yours. Scan the topics at left and register for the program that fits you best. Or call us for help at 225-578-2500. We’re certain of one thing: There’s no better career investment than you.


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Since 2001, the Professional Development program of LSU Continuing Education has partnered with the Louisiana Workforce Commission to be the primary training provider for more than $20 million worth of training grants awarded to Louisiana businesses. Read more...

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Sometimes work gets in the way of professional development. You’d like to schedule training for your organization, but class times and campus travel aren’t convenient for everyone. At LSU Continuing Education, that’s not a problem. We’ll bring the campus to you. Let our Professional Development pros guide you through a list of ready-to-go courses. Or, challenge us to design a course that uniquely addresses your staff needs. We can do it. In fact, we’ve already paired expert instructors with thousands of people at Louisiana’s leading employers. Contact Lisa Verma to discuss options for bringing an LSU Custom Program to your workplace at:

225-578-4316 or            

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