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Residential Camps

Residential camps offer high school students access to outstanding academic opportunities along with college-like living and social experiences. Living on the LSU campus or at special-purpose academic facilities, students work with faculty to engage in higher-level thinking and participate in college-level research and creative endeavors. A variety of recreation and entertainment activities combine to make the camps an exciting and rewarding experience. 


LSU Architecture Camp

Architects are problem solvers and artists, creators and scientists. From individual buildings and sites to large building complexes and city and regional planning, they create structures and environments that enhance the way we live and work. Becoming an architect involves a sensitivity to beauty in forms and materials and an understanding of the relationship between people and their surroundings. Get hands-on experience in solving spacial design problems and learn about what it takes to become a professional architect.

High School LeaderShip U Program

Prepare for success in college and beyond! This camp will excite and inspire incoming 10th, 11th and 12th grade students to learn about themselves and their impact on others. Be challenged by a week of intensely fun learning and leadership!

LSU Robotics Summer Residential Program

Do you think you might want to pursue a professional career in the STEM field? Did you know that robotics is at the intersection of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science? This new summer camp will explore the basic principles behind the fascinating and growing world of robotics while giving you a sneak peek of the LSU Engineering life. You will learn about the essential components of robotic systems by using the VEX platform to build and program a functioning robot. The camp will involve hands-on activities and the opportunity to interact with LSU faculty and students. 

LSU STEM Pathways: Introduction to Engineering

Do you have an interest in STEM but aren't sure what you want to be when you grow up? Don't aren't alone! But we're here to help you narrow it down by introducing you to ten possible college majors and career options in STEM fields. Through interactions with LSU engineering faculty, visits to real engineering labs, and hands on projects related to ten primary engineering disciplines, you will get a fully immersive experience into the field of engineering! This experience will help you make informed decisions about future elective choices in high school, lead you to an interesting major in college, and eventually to the career of your dreams! 

LSU College Readiness Program: Math Circle

Do you want to expand your knowledge of mathematics? Want to prepare for university-level math classes? At Math Circle, you will take rigorous courses in Number Theory and Combinatorics, as well as a choice of electives ranging from coding to statistics. You and other like-minded students will collaborate to solve challenging problems, communicate your findings, and gain a broader understanding of higher-level math and its applications.