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Special Interest Groups

An OLLI at LSU Special Interest Group (SIG) is a group of OLLI members who share a common interest and like to meet outside the normal OLLI class environment to discuss and enjoy this mutual interest. Each group is different depending on its focus, and all provide interesting lifelong learning opportunities as well as fun social experiences.


OLLI SIGs are independent and self-managed with members deciding when they will meet and planning how the group will function. Initially, members volunteer to be leaders or co-leaders, and leader roles may rotate. Volunteers also handle administrative and communication details. Most SIGs meet once a month although they may meet more or less often if members wish. The Lagniappe Chapter is the only OLLI at LSU chapter that now has a process to develop and approve SIGs. Members in good standing of any chapter may attend SIG meetings.


Interested in starting a SIG? Download the Lagniappe SIG Guidelines and forms here, or contact Lagniappe SIG chair John Kovich for information.

Lagniappe Chapter OLLI SIGs

Foreign Affairs SIG

A Foreign Affairs SIG formed out of the Spring 2017 Great Decisions courses. Several members felt there was much going on in the world that we needed to research and discuss throughout the year. We are students of the world, interested in understanding the complex issues facing individual countries and regions, especially as they relate to welfare of the United States. Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month, from 10:00 a.m. until noon. Contact Jenny Hastings (225-205-2455, for more information.


The Jolly OLLIs

No experience or expertise required. Bring a willing spirit and a willingness to learn music for the pure joy of singing. For more information, contact Dr. Julius R. "Tip" Tipton, 407-970-2545, or Mary Ellyn Hale, 225-202-6487. 


All Science Considered

In 1971, NPR began a program that is still popular today: All Things Considered. It remains one of the station’s highest ranking programs. Our group can use the same idea with the topics limited to science, which is hardly a limit. We will consider and discuss all the important ideas in science, new discoveries as we learn them, and the history of science. The topics are without limit. We will have guests to help us understand what is important but a bit beyond our reach. We will include books for amateurs and discuss them together. The topics can range from biology to the all-new Astrobiology. Really, nothing is beyond the limits of science. So, if you are curious about DNA, or the reason for the seasons, join us for thoughts and fun! Meetings are held based on availability of the group leader. Contact Art Majorie ( for more information.  

All Things in Nature

This SIG will educate and enlighten members about the wonders of nature and nurture a continuing interest.  The agenda will be all inclusive --plants, animals, insects, etc.  When possible, the class will address any subject in which the class participants expressed an interest. For more information on meeting times and place, contact Barbara Quirk at 

British History

CALLING BRITISH HISTORY BUFFS! If you are interested in British history this SIG is for you. The group meets once per month when OLLI classes are not ongoing and conducts field trips based on the interest of the group.For more information on meeting times and place, contact Janice Wise at 225-766-5265