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Most courses begin the week of September 25 and end by November 3, 2017. If a course skips a date or has a different schedule, it will be noted in the course description. Registration is open.

Please note that the staff at St. James Place has notified us that they will be canceling classes that are scheduled on Monday - October 9, 2017 in lieu of the storm. Please contact the course coordinator if you have further questions about this.

Course Cancellations

Enjoy a Laugh with Jewish Humor – OLELJH.(1)

Intermediate Calligraphy – OLINTC.(3)

Passport to Italy: Level 1 – OLPAITA.(12)

Changes to the Fall 2017 Bulletin are posted below.


Basic Hatha Yoga: The coordinator will be Yvonne Harding.

The Birth of the Messiah: The coordinator will be Jan Radford.

Film Stories: Films will include Beauty and the Beast, Blade Runner, The Hunt, The Pawnbroker and Son of Saul.

Herbs for Use and for Delight: A $25 supply fee is due to the instructor on the first day of class.

Introduction to Birdwatching at SJP is on Wednesday at 9:00 am – 11:00 am, not Tuesday as shown in the calendar section.  The course description correctly lists Wednesday.

Jazz/Tap: The coordinator will be Martha Burtt.

Line Dancing: The coordinator will be JoAnn Monjure.

Photography with iPhones & iPads has added October 26 back to the schedule. This will now be a six-week course.

Sondheim vs. Lloyd Weber: A Musical Composer Smackdown: The coordinator will be Jane Honeycutt.

TED Talks III at BUMC is on Monday at 11:30 am – 1:30 pm, not 1:45 pm – 3:45 pm

As always, please check the OLLI at LSU website frequently for updates and changes to courses.


Encourage your friends to join OLLI! Encourage your OLLI friends to register early, since all courses are subject to cancellation for low enrollment.

Click here to view the Lagniappe Chapter bylaws (updated on June 18, 2015).

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Member Forms

Medical Contact Form

Each member must have a Medical Contact Form on hand when attending an OLLI at LSU field trip. Place the completed form in a sealed envelope and keep it on you to ensure your medical information is readily available in an emergency situation. This policy is designed to ensure your safety while also protecting your privacy. Click here for a copy of the form.


Carpool Form

Members who transport other members in their personal vehicles should fill out and submit a Certificate of Privately Owned Automobiles prior to the field trip or other OLLI outing. By submitting this form, members certify they have appropriate liability insurance.