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Most courses begin the week of September 25 and end November 3, 2017. If there are any changes to courses, they will be noted in the course description. Registration is open.

Course Changes and Cancellations

Basic Mosaics Using Stained Glass – OFBMUSG.(4) - Cancelled

Continuing to Celebrate Your Inner Child through the Art of Drawing – OFCCCAD.(1) - Cancelled

Gentle Yoga for Beginners - OFFGYGB.(1) This was a late addition that was not included in the bulletin. - Cancelled

History of Campaign Finance – OFHOCF.(1) - Cancelled

Reading Shakespeare's Macbeth Together – OFRSMAC.(1) - Cancelled

Changes to the Fall 2017 Bulletin in the Felicianas Chapter

Not Included in Fall Bulletin:   

The American Presidency

Examine the President’s roles as political party leader, commander in chief, chief executive, and chief diplomat; review constitutional amendments, acts of Congress, and Supreme Court cases that have defined presidential power; survey the political and constitutional history of the office, and the challenges the President faces in today’s world.

Time & Dates: 9:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m., Thurs., Sept. 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26, Nov. 2

Course Code: OFAMPRES.(1)

Course Fee: $35 (Early Bird Fee: $30)

Instructor: Jim Bolner, Sr.

Coordinator: Dawn Hoyle

Location: West Feliciana Parish Library

Change to Course Information



Jazz: The full title is Jazz: The Music, the Stories & the Players.

Lunch ‘n Learn: The instructor needs to change the first day of class from 9/26/2017 to 10/3/2017. The course will still run for four weeks.

Watercolor Painting Made Easy

Supplies: Drawing and painting papers provided by the instructor

Required at first class: Three of your sketches and photos/pictures that inspire you 

As always, please check the OLLI at LSU website frequently for updates and changes to courses.

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