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Teach for Us

Thank you for your interest in teaching Leisure Courses!

Who we are and what we do

LSU Leisure Courses are noncredit, special interest courses offered to the LSU and Baton Rouge communities. We are always looking for unique classes to offer, so if you have a special interest or talent and would like to share your knowledge with others, we encourage you to submit your proposal!

Things to keep in mind

Courses vary in length according to topic (anywhere from 1 to 10 sessions) and are typically scheduled on weeknights and weekends. We run three terms each year and generally plan 4 to 5 months in advance. Courses usually meet on the LSU main campus, but they can be held at other locations depending on course requirements.

We offer classes for LSU students, kids, seniors, and everyone in between. Topics are ever-changing to meet the needs and interests of our community. We welcome and encourage suggestions! Class fees vary according to the number of classroom hours, materials and the market.  Every effort is made to keep our classes affordable.

What happens next

We encourage you to submit your proposal(s) today! Download our course proposal form (link is at the bottom of this page) and submit it to us along with a sample syllabus or agenda and your resume by e-mail, mail or fax.

Applications are reviewed by the program team shortly after the posted deadlines and applicants will be advised of the decision by mail. Should your proposal be approved, we will be in touch with you to schedule an interview. Please be prepared to bring samples, photos, etc. to help us better understand the subject matter and/or your abilities.

Thank you again for your interest.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Lynne Maxwell at or (225) 578-2500.