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ELOP Offers Eight-Week English Courses

Our English classes are designed for students who seek English language training for academic, professional, and personal goals. Students are tested upon arrival and placed in levels according to ability, ranging from elementary to advanced. The basic course includes 20 hours of instruction per week in Grammar, Reading, Composition and Spoken English.

Academic Readiness Skills are taught in mid-intermediate to advanced level classes to prepare students for their university work. Spoken English class includes group work and oral presentations while advanced Composition includes components fundamental to technical writing.

Course Electives

Electives are offered in the Eight-Week session.

Basic Course for students who desire extra classes in specialized areas.

  • TOEFL Preparation (10 classes) - $130

Specialized English Courses

The LSU ELOP can design Specialized English Courses for any group, company, or school. English for Specific Purpose Courses are generally shorter than the regular sessions to fit particular calendars, work schedules, or vacations. Specialized English Courses combine intensive English communication skills with content areas such as business, culture, workplace expectations, teaching, computer training, and others.

  • Each course designed for needs and size of group
  • Flexible dates and schedules
  • Instructors are regular ELOP faculty
  • Cultural, community, business enrichment
  • Full access to University services and facilities

We have enrolled groups from ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia; ADNOC, United Arab Emirates; Kyong-Pook, Taesu, Yeungwan, Sunchon and Chonnam Universities, South Korea. Please contact the LSU ELOP directly for Specialized English Courses to meet your group's needs. Reasonable costs determined by length and scope of course.

Certificates and Student Achievement

Students receive official certificates of completion as well as grade reports at the end of all courses, presented at each graduation ceremony. Special recognition is given for highest TOEFL scores, and certificates are awarded for:

  • 4.0 GPA
  • Perfect attendance

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