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Student Services
ELOP students enjoying activity

Services include
  • LSU Student Health Center
  • Free use of LSU Recreational Sports Facility, Olympic Pool, and Tennis Courts
  • Staff assistance with off campus appointments, driver’s license arrangements, apartment location, and utilities connection services; free transportation for services
  • On or near campus banking; assistance with opening accounts
  • Free bus service, LSU campus and apartment routes
  • Free Baton Rouge airport pickup
  • Cultural and academic counseling
  • ELOP student meetings with LSU Undergraduate and Graduate Admission officers
  • Institutional TOEFL (paper and pencil) each session with same day results
  • Safety Call Boxes and free On-Campus Transit after dark

Assistance with University Admissions

Admission to the ELOP does not constitute admission to LSU or any other American university or college.

  • ELOP provides regularly scheduled student meetings with LSU Undergraduate Admission and LSU Graduate School for information regarding LSU admission, special requirements for international students, application fees, and deadlines
  • ELOP assists in completing and checking applications
  • ELOP provides applications and information regarding Baton Rouge Community College to lead to a two-year associate degree. BRCC is jointly administered by the LSU/Southern University Boards of Supervisors

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