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ELOP Faculty members

Margaret Jo Borland

I have taught English to thousands of students from at least 40 different countries during my long professional career at ELOP and LSU. I am also the ELOP Director. My goal is to help students prepare for academic success at LSU or other colleges and universities. I try to share my love of learning and my joy in the life of the mind with all our ELOP students. The door of my office is always open, and I am happy to see students who often stop by for academic help, advice, or just to chat. I hold an M.A. in English Literature, and I have collaborated with international universities and scholarship consortia in Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Oman, South Korea, Brazil, Kuwait, China, Haiti, Honduras, and Angola. I am active in LSU international organizations and University committees, serve on Baton Rouge community boards and committees, and am LSU faculty advisor to student associations. My personal mottos, both for life and in teaching are: “Put back more than you take” and “Do good because it is right to do good”. My favorite classes to teach are Reading, especially understanding the novel in English, and Composition. I also teach TOEFL exam preparation. The ELOP faculty and I believe that international students at LSU and ELOP represent the best of all cultures and you, our students, are the future leaders of your countries, of the world. We work very hard to help our students prepare to be leaders with strong academic skills, solid English proficiency, and a sense of confidence to face the future. Let me hear from you at

Chase Faucheux

I teach Spoken English and other classes at ELOP, as well as classes in American History, Culture, and Government. I really enjoy the chance to meet people from all over the world and to introduce them to life here in the US. I never stop learning, and I'm always interested in hearing about your country, your culture, and your language. I've been involved with ELOP since I was in graduate school at LSU, and after teaching English for two years in Karlsruhe, Germany; I'm happy to be back here in Baton Rouge and at ELOP. Send me an e-mail at if you have any questions at all.

Josh Howard

ELOP is more than an English school; it’s a place to get to know the whole world. I’ve been teaching here since 2007, and during that time I’ve met a fascinating range of folks, all of whom had unique aspirations. I’m proud to teach Grammar and Reading, and I’ll be glad to help you reach your personal goals with the English language.

Charlotte Gibeson

I began studying languages many years ago, first with French, then Russian, then German. Eventually I came to accept that I am terrible with languages, but I very much enjoyed meeting and working with people from other countries. In the mean time, I have enjoyed studying classic English literature for most of my adult life.  At ELOP I primarily teach reading and composition, and I also teach Freshman Composition at a small private college in Baton Rouge. I love my work at ELOP because every session is a new mix of cultures and personalities.

NiTyjah Thigpen

Language is culture! I have a Master’s degree in Linguistics, the scientific study of language, and I have studied German, Italian, Spanish and American Sign Language. Each language I have studied has offered me a wonderful new perspective into the minds and hearts of the people who speak or sign the language. It is a pure joy to be able to help others reach their language goals through ELOP and introduce them to American culture in Louisiana.

Jerry Weltman

I hold a PhD in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Linguistics. I do research in artificial intelligence, teaching computers how to understand language. I have studied Spanish for many years and have lived in Mexico and Costa Rica. I love teaching grammar at ELOP because it is fun to talk about all the crazy rules and exceptions in English grammar. The small classes at ELOP allow me to get to know each student and find ways to challenge them to learn more. I am always ready to answer a language question, and I can be reached at

Jared Hromadka

I hold a Ph.D. and an M.A. in English literature, and I have experience teaching American students as well as international students at the university level. At the ELOP, I have the opportunity to continue learning about language by interacting with students from all over the world, and I take a lot of pride in being able to share my knowledge and experience with my classes. Before I came to the ELOP, I worked with a local refugee resettlement program providing instruction in English for the refugee and immigrant community in Baton Rouge. At about the same time I started teaching at the ELOP, I was finishing work on my doctoral dissertation. My dissertation is about style and technique in some British and American poetry written around the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth. Poetry may seem very different from what I teach now, grammar and composition, but all of these subjects require a very careful attention to the nuances of language. Studying poetry has helped me to understand more about the different ways that people use language to communicate. In addition to being a teacher, I am an artist working in pen-and-ink and printmaking. I sometimes show my artwork at local events, and I enjoy being involved with Baton Rouge’s vibrant artist community. If you have any questions about what I do at the ELOP, or if you’d just like to get in touch, send me an email at

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