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You must buy your own textbooks and other supplies. All of the bookstores listed below are independently owned and operated; they are not operated by Louisiana State University or ODL. Please be aware of refund and buy-back policies before you make your purchase.

Books may also be obtained from any vendor that sells college-level textbooks, including online booksellers, university bookstores, and publishers, but you must purchase the correct edition of the textbooks. ODL does not sell textbooks, so please do not send money for textbooks to ODL.

You must use the correct edition of the textbook, as specified in your course syllabus. Please take care to provide the correct information about the author, title, edition, and date of publication when ordering your books. If complete information is not given when the order is placed, the wrong edition may be sent. Ordering textbooks by the ISBN is preferred and will reduce the chance of ordering the wrong textbook edition.

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Online Book Vendors

ODL is not affiliated with any of these companies. We cannot guarantee their services. Before you buy or sell books through one of these companies, carefully read the information on its website. If you do not understand the company’s policies, contact the company before you proceed. If you have problems with or questions about your transaction, refer to the company’s website and policies, and contact the company directly.

Major Online Book Retailers

College Textbook Sites

As these sites are all geared toward college students looking for textbooks, they are fairly easy to search. Each has a search engine readily available on the first screen, and a query will take you to a result list.

Rare/Used Book Sites

These sites are very helpful if you are looking for used, rare, or out-of-print books.

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