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LSU Digital & Continuing Education now offers MicroCreds™ through our Online Distance Learning program. These microcredentials offer a cost-effective means to establish and publicize your knowledge, skills, and abilities in a specialization. Upon successful completion of a MicroCred, you will receive a digital badge from LSU Digital & Continuing Education.

Our MicroCreds are intended for working professionals and others who need a flexible means of taking courses and documenting the qualifications they give you. Our courses also earn you college credit, so your MicroCred could also start you on the path to a credit certificate or a college degree.

You may start any course for any MicroCred at any time. Admission to LSU is not required.

Accounting Fundamentals

For people who need basic accounting skills, as needed in managing an office, operating a business, or seeking entry-level jobs in accounting that do not require an accounting degree. The MicroCred will also benefit professionals with a degree in a non-accounting field who want to progress into a leadership role, especially for those required to interpret financial data in making decisions.

Three courses (9 credits):

Accounting Advanced Topics

For those who already have an accounting degree or relevant job experience but are looking for professional development through advanced training. Also valuable to gain additional credits needed for CPA licensure.

Three courses (9 credits):

The MicroCred can lead to the Auditing MicroCred or to our Certificate in Accounting.


Provides the knowledge and skills for professionals who want to advance their career in this accounting specialization or who want to understand the indicators of fraud and how to prevent and detect it. Also beneficial for those seeking CPA eligibility.

Three courses (9 credits):

This MicroCred can lead to our Certificate in Accounting.

Marketing Fundamentals

For marketing managers, people who interact with customers or product data, and people who want to improve their ability to collaborate with marketing team members. This MicroCred will benefit business leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs who need a better understanding of marketing. It will enhance a bachelor’s degree in general business or other non-marketing area.

Three courses (9 credits):

Technical Writing

For people with basic writing skills who want to hone their language precision and develop professional communication skills. Learn guidelines and processes for planning, drafting, revising, editing, and disseminating technical content.

Two courses (6 Credits):

Childhood Learning & Behavior

For teachers and others who work with or have an interest in children, from infancy through adolescences. This MicroCred provides a foundation in the theoretical and research bases of education and an understanding of development in relation to teaching. Participants will develop an understanding of the biological, cognitive, psychological, and social factors that influence behavior and learning.

Three courses (9 credits):

Behavioral Health

For those in human services and others who need an understanding of mental health issues. Provides broad knowledge of personality and the identification and treatment of psychological disorders.

Three courses (9 credits):

Children’s and YA Literature

Gain the knowledge and understanding to pass on a meaningful literary heritage to children and young adults. Provides a rich survey of both children’s and adolescent literature as well as the skills to evaluate literature for its intended audience. Offers a practical background for a variety of professionals, including those in teaching, library and information sciences, child care, and other youth services.

Two courses (6 credits):

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