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Certificate Programs

LSU Continuing Education offers certificates for successful completion of specified sequences of credit courses in the areas of accounting, liberal studies, business communication, and human services through the Online Distance Learning program. 


Credit Certificates

Undergraduate credit certificates in liberal studies, business communication, and human services are designed for persons without a college degree. Each program consists of five courses (four required courses and one elective), totaling 15 semester hours of college credit. More details are on the Credit Certificates program page.


Certificate in Accounting

The LSU Certificate in Accounting program is for individuals with a college degree who wish to achieve career or academic goals by earning college-level credit in accounting courses through distance learning. LSU offers the credit accounting and business courses needed to advance your knowledge and update your skills. The certificate recognizes the completion of a significant number of additional undergraduate credits in accounting that are earned outside of an undergraduate degree program. More details are on the Certificate in Accounting program page.