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Online Distance Learning
Online Distance Learning (ODL) is the next generation of online courses using the Moodle course management platform. Fully online courses are open for enrollment. Browse course descriptions and check the status of the College Credit courses.

ODL allows you to earn college credit anywhere you can access the Internet. ODL courses are equivalent to classroom-delivered courses offered on the LSU campus, but use the flexibility of Internet technology solutions to provide convenient anytime/anywhere access to learning tools, including online examinations. Admission to LSU is not required for enrollment in ODL college credit courses. You may enroll at any time and take up to six months to complete a course. If you are a currently admitted LSU student, you must have permission from your school or college before enrolling in an ODL course.

LSU continues to offer many college credit courses through web-enabled and print-based formats. You can browse these College Credit Courses.

ODL courses are different from LSU Independent & Distance Learning (IDL) courses and are governed by different policies.  If you have experience with IDL courses, you need to be aware of the differences.  Some key differences are summarized in the table below.  For detailed explanation of these and other policies, please read the full policy statements for ODL.

 Enrollment Period   The enrollment period for ODL courses is six months. A single two-month extension is available if specific progress is made before the end of the regular enrollment period.
 Proctoring   ODL requires students to take all exams through ProctorU. You must meet ProctorU’s technical requirements, including a computer with high-speed Internet, web cam, and microphone. Students are responsible for fees charged by ProctorU. Visit ProctorU’s website for more information on its requirements.
 Technology   All ODL courses are offered through Moodle, a course management system. You must  have a computer and high-speed Internet  connection to access your course and submit  your assignments on Moodle. You must also meet the minimum system requirements of  ProctorU to take your exams.

Announcement on LSU Grades

To satisfy a new LSU grade policy, Distance Learning Programs will implement plus/minus grading for all courses completed on October 15, 2015, and after.  If you complete your course prior to that date, you will not receive a plus or minus with your grade.  If you complete your course on or after that date, you will receive a plus or minus, as determined by your overall score.


More information about a course’s grading policy is found in the course’s syllabus.

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