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Undergraduate Credit Certificates

LSU Continuing Education offers three undergraduate credit certificates designed for the person who seeks college-level skills related to a possible career, or who may be considering pursuing a degree at some point.  

Liberal Studies 

Well-rounded students are more productive in the workplace and in society. This curriculum focuses on providing students with selected courses that adhere to this philosophy. For students with little or no college experience, this program provides an excellent beginning. All courses in this curriculum should easily transfer to any accredited university.

  • English Composition: ENGL 1001 (3)
  • American Government: POLI 2051 (3)
  • Western Civilization: HIST 1001 or HIST 1003 (3)
  • Interpersonal Communication: CMST 2010  (3)
Choose one elective:
  • Drama: ENGL 2029   (3)
  • Music Appreciation: MUS 1751 (3)
  • Introduction to Dance: THTR 1800 (3)

Business Communication

Communication is a key to success in the business field. Whether you work or plan to work in management, marketing or customer service, you will need essential communication skills to ensure success. This carefully selected curriculum provides the student the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge and practice to succeed in the business environment.

  • English Composition: ENGL 1001   (3)
  • English Composition: ENGL 2000  (3)
  • Business Writing: ENGL 2002   (3)
  • Interpersonal Communication: CMST 2010  (3)

Choose one elective:

  • Technical Writing: ENGL 3002 (3)
  • Marketing Communication: MKT 3421 (3)

Human Services

For those working in government, medical, nonprofit and other related fields, a foundation in human services is essential. This curriculum emphasizes the basic skills needed for success in this arena. The program is for those currently employed in human services and for those who plan to enter the field.

  • Individual Wellness and Public Health: KIN 1600   (3)
  • Introduction to Psychology:    PSYC 2000 (3)
  • Introductory Sociology:    SOCL 2001   (3)
  • Current Social Problems:    SOCL 2501   (3)

Choose one elective:

  • Social Psychology:    PSYC 2040   (3)
  • Child Psychology: PSYC 2076   (3)
  • Adolescent Psychology:    PSYC 2078  (3)
  • Marriage and Family:    SOCL 2505   (3)
  • Psychological Counseling:    PSYC 3083   (3)
  • Criminology:     SOCL 4461  (3)

Course Requirements

Each program consists of five courses, totaling 15 semester credit hours. In each program there are four required courses and one elective course. Course substitutions are generally not permitted, and you must take prerequisite courses if required.