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About OLLI


OLLI at LSU began as the Lagniappe Studies Unlimited program, part of LSU Continuing Education, in 1995. 


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In 2007, the program was established as the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at LSU (OLLI at LSU), a nation-wide network of OLLI programs specifically devoted to advancing the interests of lifelong learning. OLLI at LSU consists of three area chapters and has over 1100 members. 

OLLI at LSU relies on volunteer leadership to execute the variety of courses, coffees, and field trips.

OLLI at LSU Leadership Advisory Councils: 

Felicianas Chapter, 2018-19 

Ernest Ayo and Dawn Hoyle, Co-chairs; Margaret Beauchamp, FBC Liaison; Sam LeBlanc, Publicity; Margaret Roubique, Hospitality; Ralph Schomburg, Curriculum Chair; Cheryl & Bob Singer, Hospitality; Virginia Smith, Secretary; Cole Thornton, Coffees; Ada White, Archivist; Terri Ryan, Member

Lagniappe Chapter, 2017-18 

Chair, JoAnn Fryling; Vice Chair, ; Secretary, Karen Egedy; Curriculum Chair, Kathy Bosworth; Curriculum Coordinator Liasion, TBA; Membership, Karen Link (co chair) Linda Chauviere; Publicity, TBA; Editing,TBA; Hospitality, Jeanette Marino, Linda Bongiovanni; Coffee & Lagniappe, Alta Allen; Finance, Roland Dommert; Field Trips, Mary Johnson, Marion Territo, Pat Alford, Delores Dyer, Judy Miller; Volunteers, Brenda LeBoeuf; Members; Delores Dyer, Louise Couvillion, Louise Lapeze, Karen Link, Carolyn Stutts, Janice Wise, Douglas Harrison, Neil Ann Parks.

OLLI at LSU is supported by LSU Continuing Education staff. 

Lisa Graves, Senior Director,

Tara Stevens Trimble, Director,

To reach the OLLI at LSU Office, please email: