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Member Benefits

  • Engaging Instructors
  • Exciting learning opportunities with no prerequisites
  • No papers, exams, or grades
  • Meet fascinating and interesting people
  • Over 15 locations throughout southern Louisiana
  • Access to over 200 course offerings, coffees, and Field Trips
  • On-campus parking permits for daytime events (and easy-access handicap parking)
  • Special borrower and user privileges in the Ledoux Library
  • Free WiFi access for OLLI members in the Community Education Classroom Building (where courses and events are located)
  • Use of meeting rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, and other facilities for community education activities and meetings
  • Use of the computer lab in the Community Education Building

Member Forms

Medical Contact Form

Each member must have a Medical Contact Form on hand when attending an OLLI at LSU field trip. Place the completed form in a sealed envelope and give the envelope to the trip coordinator at the beginning of the field trip to ensure your medical information is readily available in an emergency situation. When the event is over, the coordinator will return the sealed envelope to you. This policy is designed to ensure your safety while also protecting your privacy. Click here for a copy of the form. 

Carpool Form

Members who transport other members in their personal vehicles should fill out and submit a Certificate of Privately Owned Automobiles prior to the field trip or other OLLI outing. By submitting this form, members certify they have appropriate liability insurance.